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make connectivity easy: Multicloud, Data Center and IX Peering

Cloud Connectivity

Orchestrates businesses through
the smart multicloud connectivity solutions

A simple platform to connect to multiple cloud service providers through a single port. Direct interconnections with the leading Cloud Service Providers, such as Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Data Center Interconnect

Simply point, click, and provision connections
to the DC services you need

Connects two or more data centers together over short, medium or long distances using high-speed port connectivity. Reliable connection in place, physically separate data centers can more easily share resources and balance workloads. We provide connections to leading data centers in Indonesia, such as Biznet, DCI Indonesia, NTT Nexcenter, IDC Indonesia, Cyber 1, etc.

Internet Exchange

Create a seamless multi-network

Quickly and easily access and distribute multi region data connections as business demands grow. Match your bandwidth between 100 Mbps and 10 Gbps. Achieve peering routes from a single location by leveraging our ecosystem.

Be More Agile!


Scale and manage all your connections in one place with eConnect by Indonet.


Right-size your network, determine how and where connections occur with flexible bandwidth options.


Streamline your vendor management by capturing the benefits of network in a single contract.

Simply Setup

Save the hassles of managing complex multiple network connections to different platforms.


Reliable connections every time, and always achieve low latency and high throughput.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce capital expenditures by leveraging internet connectivity to multiple providers through a single port.

eConnect Network Modeling

eConnect Topology

See our eConnect service overview here

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