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Managing the people, processes and toolsets of your ICT operations is complex, time-consuming, costly and distracting. Internal systems and capabilities take time to build and are expensive to maintain – particularly in new or specialised domains. Yet, you need to ensure that your ICT runs cost-effectively and meets your evolving business needs. Our Managed Service can help you overcome these challenges, by ensuring you to get:

IT Systems Management

including server monitoring, backup monitoring and security patching.

Storage Management

We utilise technologies to maximize and improve the performance of your data storage resources.

IT Helpdesk Support

including remote and on-site support, during and outside of normal business hours.

Server Monitoring

proactively identifies and corrects any server related issues using our real-time monitoring system

IT Security

including spam filtering, web content filtering and antivirus solutions.

Business Continuity

including managed disaster recovery, workplace recovery for business continuity, disaster recovery gap analysis and managed colocation.

Management Plans

We can help businesses plan for, design, implement, operate, and manage the right technologies to improve your business.

Performance, Security and Availability for All Your Needs

an implementation of virtualization technology where a company such as having a virtual server with CPU resource allocation, RAM and its strand is allocated with certainty without having to have or physically server investment. This technology makes it possible to have root access and custom server as needed, of course at a much cheaper cost than by renting a dedicated server.

Blended end-to-end service

Desktop Management is a centralized data loss prevention system providing necessary protection against both external and internal threats, by implementing the policy management on applications and media storage.

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