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Our site monitoring solutions provide multiple points of protection against physical and electronic theft from ATM machines, protecting your installations. From anti-skimming shield systems to silent alarm systems, integrated ATM video surveillance cameras and ATM monitoring center. our total solution are ready to help you get more out of your ATM security and ATM loss prevention systems.

Anti - Skimming Solution

Indonet’s Anti-skimming solution platform with ultimate technology and sophisticated protection kits. One advantage of the Anti Skim solution is its universal effectiveness. Installation is relatively simple and Anti-skim technology functions with all ATM types and any ATM make or model. Most important to helping safeguard ATMs and especially ATM customers from loss and fraud.

Camera Monitoring System

The solution is a module that supports the operation of surveillance cameras on the ATM. Our camera support offers complete control of the ATM camera, in addition to management and storage of photographic data. Photographs or video captured at the ATM provide visual evidence of each individual transaction and are stored along with other transactional data such as date, time and account number. A picture of a person’s face can help you establish if a user is a legitimate cardholder or unknown individual. A picture of a person’s hands actually receiving the cash will confirm if the ATM successfully dispensed the cash.

Transaction Record Optimizing

Many cases about the complainant asserted in the complaint that he hadn´t obtained the amount of money from the ATM as requested. So, to prove that the payment transaction had been made correctly the institution submitted the ATM journal, i.e. the record of all the transactions and other operations made on the ATM. Our technology help to optimizing the record of all the steps of the disputed transaction. With the result that dispute resolution made simple.

24 Hours Total Monitoring

Having 24/7 professional monitoring of your security system is a great way to keep your assets safe and provides the effective solution for catch burglars in the act. Our advanced technologies integrated with real person live surveillance and support from our local security monitoring center that help keep our customers safe and secure.

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