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Data Center Services

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Features of the Service

Keep Your Server In the Most Secure Datacentre!

Physical Security

Power Source

Environment and Security Monitoring

Premium Facilities

  • Indonet combines leading class facilities with our own highly resilient network to offer a reliable environment for your IT infrastructure.
  • Get an extra level of safety, while enjoying a high-performance connection with the available managed hosting and colocation hosting options.
  • With server colocation services, you can centralize and provide global access to your database and company applications. Eliminate the risk of outages and slow connectivity for remote users.

Building Structure

  • Two floors
  • Powerful Structure (40cm thick Raised Floor and Loadable to 1000 kg/sqm)
  • Seismically Braced Server Rack
  • Total Handling Capacity 140 Racks
  • The server rooms are further surrounded by three concrete walls.

Network Infrastructure

  • Reliable & High Capacity Fiber Optic Backbone with Diverse Entrance Paths
  • Connected to Multiple Upstream / Carriers
  • Connected to Local Internet Cloud both Open IXP & IIX, also Private Peers
  • Proven Network Hardware Redundancy System
  • IPS/IDS (Optional)
  • All Gigabit Ethernet connection to customer
  • We are ready for your unlimited growth
  • Stay online and profitable

We are ready for your unlimited growth

In our data centers, we ensure the safety and accessibility of your data 24/7 based on the highest standards of the industry with the latest technology.

High-End Multi-Layered Security

Servers are stored in a secured environment with both physical and virtual security. We provide the best firewall and encryption services to protect against virtual threats and data theft. Our data centers are protected and connected at all times.

Enterprise Solutions

Clear your work area and preserve your budget. Take advantage of our multi-million infrastructure and eliminate the expenses associated with maintaining your own network. Secure and customizable Colo cabinets and cages are available.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Setting up colocation for your disaster recovery solution keeps you online and in business 24/7/365. You can back up your critical data to another location or mirror environments with a hot cutover. Indonet also provides support for tape or drive swaps for archival storage.

24/7 On-Site Qualified Engineers

As part of our colocation service, certified and highly qualified engineers are available 24/7 to perform diverse tasks at your request, including equipment server reboots, circuit testing, cable and card replacements, and regular exchange of backup tapes or other removable media.

Gain access to rich business ecosystem

Many new technologies will utilize and benefit from indonet and Edge DC. including 5G networks,
Internet of things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) devices.

Keep Your Business In the Most Secure & Agile Data centre!

We’ll put you on the right path.

We have a perceptive sales team available to assist you with a variety of topics, and to get you up-and-running with Indonet Data Center Colocation. Get in touch with our team by telephone to learn more about our colocation services.

Phone Numbers: 021-2755 5222

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