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Global minded with a strong presence in Asia

Alibaba Cloud is committed to build stable and reliable data centers spread across the world to serve our customers, together with local partners. At present, Alibaba Cloud has the most data centers and CDN nodes in Asia Pacific region than any other cloud service provider.

Proven performance
and reliability

Over a decade, the world’s largest online shopping event, 11.11 Global Shopping Festival has been being a significant testing field for the technological capabilities and innovative practices of Alibaba Group. And Alibaba Cloud’s data-intelligence technology has been the key factor to the Group of standing up to the world-class flood peak. At the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival in 2019, we had supported a record-breaking 544,000 transactions per second at the peak time.

A front runner
in data intelligence

Alibaba Cloud provides reliable and easy-to-use cloud services that are intelligence-driven. In addition to an extensive portfolio of products and services, Alibaba Cloud is serving global businesses with more than 3 million customers in 200+ countries and regions, by numerous cross-industry solutions.

Product and Services

Elastic Compute Service (ECS)
Secure, scalable, and high-performing virtual servers


ECS Bare Metal Instance
Elastic bare metal computing service


Elastic Container Instance
An agile and secure serverless container instance service


Resource Orchestration Service
Simplify operations and management

Elastic GPU Service
Powerful parallel computing capabilities


Simple Application Server
Fast application creation and simple management


Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)
An agile and secure serverless container instance service

ApsaraDB for PolarDB
A next-generation relational database independently developed by Alibaba


ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL
Providing high concurrency to maintain low latency


ApsaraDB for MyBase
Solution for autonomous and controllable database service cluster on Alibaba Cloud


ApsaraDB for MongoDB
A document-oriented database service

ApsaraDB for Redis
Powerful parallel computing capabilities


ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL
Providing stability and performance with AliSQL


ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server
Providing rich version control and flexible upgrades

Protect against high volume DDoS attack


Web Application Firewall
Secure your web applications


A system O&M and operation audit platform


Sensitive Data Discovery & Protection
A security service that protects sensitive data

Provides account, authentication, authorization, application and audit features


SSL Certificates Service
Apply, buy and manage SSL certificate


Key Management Service
Create and manage encryption keys

Apsara File Storage NAS
File storage service for ECS, HPC and Container Service


Log Service
An all-in-one service for log-type data

Hybrid Backup Recovery
BaaS solution protecting customer data on and off the cloud


Data Transport
Migrate massive data to Alibaba Cloud

Elastic Block Storage
A high-performance, high-reliability, and low-latency block storage service


Store data in a NoSQL database


Cloud Storage Gateway
Seamless connection to the cloud storage

Alibaba Cloud CDN
Speed up file distribution to end-users


Server Load Balancer (SLB)
Distribute traffic across resources


VPN Gateway
Connect securely to VPC


Express Connect
Physical leased line and VPC interconnection services

Dynamic Content Delivery Network
Provide dynamic acceleration abilities


Elastic IP Address
An independent public IP resource


NAT Gateway
A public Internet gateway

Customer Success Stories


No. 1 Market Share in Asia Pacific


Global Data Center Regions


2800+ CDN Nodes around the Globe


Availability International Zones

Alibaba Cloud - Indonet

indonet in cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, brings world-class cloud services in Indonesia. The combination of the strength of local service support in Indonesia from indonet and Alibaba's global services, is a flexible choice to support enterprise computerization, increase productivity, expand online services, and expand markets to reach local and global markets.

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