After Three Decades of Operation, PT Indointernet Tbk Remains Consistent in Developing Digital Infrastructure and Successfully Achieves Highest Net Profit

Jakarta, May 8, 2024 – PT Indointernet Tbk (“Indonet”), a leading and trusted digital infrastructure provider in Indonesia, has achieved a net profit of Rp253.26 billion in 2023, higher than the previous year’s Rp186.17 billion. This net profit also marks the highest net profit achieved by Indonet since its establishment.


Indonet’s consistency in developing services that align with Indonesia’s digitalization needs is a key factor in the company’s success. The combination and synergy of Indonet’s three business pillars, namely Connectivity, Cloud, and Data Center, are the keys to Indonet’s success in achieving this milestone. Indonet continues to expand its services by launching its newest Data Center “EDGE2” with a capacity of 23MW through its subsidiary, PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang (EDGE DC), in early March 2024.


“With strong support from our highly dedicated team and active supervision from the Board of Commissioners, we have managed to increase our revenue by 15.59% to Rp950.40 billion, with net profit also growing by 36.04% compared to the previous year,” said Donauly Situmorang, Director of Indonet.


This growth is largely driven by the Data Center segment, which contributed revenue of Rp368.48 billion, a 97.38% increase from Rp186.69 billion in the previous year, followed by Cloud Services and Connectivity, contributing Rp370.93 billion and Rp216.03 billion, respectively.


Donauly added that our connectivity segment has successfully served more than 4,200 retail customers and over 3,000 corporate customers, spanning various industries such as financial services, logistics, global cloud providers, e-commerce platforms, and others. Among these numbers, Indonet is also trusted to manage roughly 850 customers in cloud services.



Digital Ecosystem Synergy as Strategy and Sustainability Performance

In 2024, Indonet will continue to provide reliable services to customers with a one-stop solution focusing on its three business pillars, namely connectivity, data center, and cloud services, and implementing a synergistic digital strategy in line with the development and challenges of the digital economy in Indonesia. With support from Digital Edge as the controlling shareholder, Indonet is increasingly able to accelerate performance growth and undertake various sustainable innovations to maintain its presence and strengthen its position in Indonesia.


Development of these three business pillars is evidence of Indonet’s commitment as a reliable digital infrastructure service provider in responding to customer needs. Indonet’s subsidiary, PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang (“EDGE DC”), officially launched its second Data Center in March 2024. EDGE2 prioritizes low latency and high connectivity and is equipped with 4 fiber entry points that are more effective in supporting interconnectivity and redundancy.


“We are committed to ensuring that this new facility will meet the highest industry standards in terms of reliability and security, maximizing uptime, and providing business continuity for our customers,” explained Andy Rigoli, CEO of Indonet.


With Indonet’s consistency in meeting digitalization needs with various best solutions and strong synergy between connectivity, data centers, and cloud services, the company is optimistic about becoming an influential company and continuing to lead the market while providing added value to the digital ecosystem in Indonesia. “There is no doubt that 2024 will bring new challenges and opportunities. But with consistency in developing services and products that remain relevant to the needs of the industry and society, we believe we can adapt to changes and achieve new milestones in the future,” said Andy Rigoli.