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Database Services

Migrate Your Database to Alibaba Cloud

Extensive Product Portfolio

Alibaba Cloud offers one of the most extensive portfolios of cloud database solutions and can provide the necessary solutions to store, process, analyze and manage your data to support and add value to your business. Our database systems support all the mainstream open-source and commercial database solutions, including MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and Redis.

Large and Growing Customer Base

Our database solutions have supported over 100,000 customers with more than 400,000 databases hosted on Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud is the number one choice among cloud database providers in Asia Pacific.

Proven Reliability and Scalability

Alibaba Cloud’s databases can empower your business, no matter the scale. Database solutions like RDS and PolarDB supported Alibaba’s systems behind the annual Double 11 Shopping Festival, China’s Black Friday, the world’s largest online shopping event.

Paired with Powerful AI Solutions

Integrated with new and innovative AI solutions, our databases come with features such as auto-recovery and auto-optimization so that you can be more equipped in the cloud native revolution.

Database Services

New generation of “Super MySQL, PostgreSQL or compatible Oracle” supporting up to 100 TB storage.

An availability and performance enhanced MySQL service supporting versions 5.5, 5.6, 5.7 and 8.0.

An on-demand PostgreSQL service with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

A cost effective cloud hosted SQL Server service with automated monitoring, backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Cloud hosted MariaDB Enterprise Edition.

A database sharding service on top of RDS and PolarDB to support extremely large transactional business data.

A highly cost-effective cloud database service on dedicated cluster with grants overprovisioning, hybrid deployment, resource scheduling and more authority.

A real-time data warehousing service that can process PB data with high concurrency and low latency.

Online expansion and performance enhanced data warehouse based on the open source Greenplum database.

A pay-by-usage only serverless federated data analysis service over multiple data sources (OSS, RDBMS, etc.).

Performance enhanced and cost effective Redis offering in-memory caching and high-speed access to applications.

A secure, reliable, and elastically scalable MongoDB service.

A stable, reliable, and cost-effective online high performance time series database service.

Performance and reliability enhanced HBase service also serving Alibaba core e-Commerce systems.

Highly reliable Cassandra with multi-active across available zones and CQL interface.

A cost-effective online time series database service, compatible with the open source InfluxDB service, and offering high availability, auto scaling features.

A ledger database that provides powerful data audit capabilities

A migration and synchronization service between various data storage types.

Database backup offers strong data protection in Alibaba Cloud, IDC, hybrid clouds, or third-party clouds.

A data management service for data security, efficiency and collaboration on alibaba cloud or hybrid clouds.

Advanced database and application migration service helping migrate database application (especially for Oracle) to cloud.

A tool product specially designed for remote access to private network databases.

Self-driving Database Platform : Self-repair, Self-optimization, and Self-security

A New Flexible and Cost-effective Pricing Model

Savings plans are a new pricing model that can reduce the costs of pay-as-you-go instances by up to 76%.This pricing model offers a lower price for pay-as-you-go ECS and ECI instances. Savings plans do not have any limits on the regions, instance families, sizes, or operating systems of instances. Savings plans make it simple and efficient for you to deploy your business while further reducing usage costs. Savings plans offer pay-as-you-go billing discounts and help achieve flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency improvement.

We’ll put you on the right path.

We have a perceptive sales team available to assist you with a variety of topics, and to get you up-and-running with Alibaba Cloud. Get in touch with our Business Advisors by telephone to learn more about our cloud services.

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