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Elastic Computing

The Ultra-Performance Cloud Computing Era

Unparalleled Computing Power

Alibaba Cloud computing services are based on the 3rd-generation X-Dragon architecture. The instances demonstrate a 160% overall performance gain over those powered by the previous-generation X-Dragon architecture and perform at least 30% faster than any counterparts to deliver the best overall computing power in the world.

Reliability and Scalability You Can Trust

Alibaba Cloud elastic computing services are resilient to traffic spikes and apply to nearly 300 scenarios across different industries, such as the Internet, finance, and retail. DingTalk successfully leveraged these services to scale up and deploy 100,000 Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances within two hours.

Industry-Leading Stability

Alibaba Cloud ECS is backed by a world-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees 99.975% availability for individual instances and 99.995% availability for cross-zone multi-instance setups.

Continuous R&D and Evolution

Over the last decade, Alibaba Cloud saw a 2,000-time increase in storage performance, a 500-time increase in network performance, and an average doubling of overall computing power per year.

Elastic Cloud Computing Services

Provides cloud computing resources with a variety of CPU and memory combinations to suit different scenarios.

An easy-to-use service that provides all you need to build applications or websites.

Equipped with GPUs to provide real-time, high-speed parallel computing and floating-point computing capabilities.

Provides instance types that are equipped with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

Provides cloud hosts whose physical resources are dedicated to individual tenants.

Combines the elasticity of virtual machines and the performance and features of physical machines without virtualization overheads.

Provides the remote desktop feature and implements end-to-end graphics and image processing with the use of non-linear editing (NLE) software.

Uses high-speed interconnectivity provided by the Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology and EBM.

Supports Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with high-performance CPU instances and heterogeneous computing GPU instances, Platform as a Service (PaaS) with high-performance computing software stacks, and Software as a Service (SaaS) customized based on application templates.

A distributed cloud service suitable for large-scale parallel batch processing jobs.

Allows you to run containers without managing underlying servers. You need only to provide a container image to get started.

A high-performance and scalable containerized application management service that helps manage enterprise-level containerized applications throughout their lifecycles.

A fully managed platform that manages the traffic of microservice applications in a centralized manner. ASM is compatible with Istio and provides a centralized platform to manage the traffic of multiple Kubernetes clusters.

Provides instance types that are equipped with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

A management service that automatically adjusts the number of elastic computing resources based on your business needs and policies.

An easy-to-use automated deployment service for cloud computing resources.

A comprehensive cloud-based automated O&M service used to manage and execute O&M tasks.

Provides cloud computing resources with a variety of CPU and memory combinations to suit different scenarios.

A fully managed serverless cloud service that coordinates multiple distributed tasks.

A New Flexible and Cost-effective Pricing Model

Savings plans are a new pricing model that can reduce the costs of pay-as-you-go instances by up to 76%.This pricing model offers a lower price for pay-as-you-go ECS and ECI instances. Savings plans do not have any limits on the regions, instance families, sizes, or operating systems of instances. Savings plans make it simple and efficient for you to deploy your business while further reducing usage costs. Savings plans offer pay-as-you-go billing discounts and help achieve flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency improvement.

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