Cost and Time Efficiency with Network Managed Services

Efficiency of Network managed services (NMS) refers to the provider’s provision of primary operational support for the new environment. In general, the presence of this service helps company operations to run more optimally. The following is an explanation of NMS that you need to understand.

What Is Network Managed Services

In the network managed services model, the service provider takes over some or all of the network-related tasks and assigns operational, monitoring, maintenance and network optimization responsibilities to expert service providers. This method is a good approach to managing the network infrastructure of your organization or business.

Hardware, network performance monitoring, security, software, troubleshooting and updates will be managed by the service provider. Thanks to this NMS, the internal team will be able to concentrate on innovation and the company’s main activities more optimally, thereby increasing the company’s productivity.

Effective network management is not just about solving technical problems, but also taking full advantage of technology to support business goals. Investments in a solid network infrastructure and good management services help companies stay competitive in the business world. Therefore, your business should take advantage of NMS.

Type of NMS

  1. Wireless Network Management

Wireless network management includes wireless infrastructure management. The wireless infrastructure referred to in this service such as managing and monitoring Wi-Fi networks as well as dealing with performance and security issues.

  1. Cloud Network Management

This type of NMS concentrates on network management connected to cloud services. Cloud network management includes things, such as configuration, security, monitoring, and performance optimization.

  1. Local Network Management

As the term or name suggests, local network or LAN management is about managing limited local network infrastructure. The devices in question include switches, routers, and Wi-Fi access points.

  1. Wide Network (WAN) Management

Wide area network (WAN) management is part of network management that connects various locations throughout the world, such as company branches. WAN manages connections, traffic, and security between locations.

  1. Network Security Management

This management focuses on protecting the network from cyber threats. The threats in question include monitoring cyber attacks, detecting intrusions, and protecting the network against malware as well as making efforts to prevent attacks.

  1. Hardware Management

Hardware management deals with matters related to the device itself. The things in question are configuration, monitoring and routine maintenance of network hardware.

  1. Network Performance Monitoring

Network performance monitoring is also included in NMS. This type of NMS aims to ensure that the network functions properly by monitoring its performance, such as latency, bandwidth and response.

  1. Traffic Optimization Management

This traffic optimization management includes managing and optimizing traffic on the network. This means managing traffic constraints and prioritizing applications that are considered important.

  1. Identity and Network Access Management

This type of network managed services allows users to manage access to networks and resources in accordance with applicable regulations and policies. This will make it easier for users to manage access to the network optimally.

The Advantages of NMS

Efficiency of network managed services (NMS) has various advantages that you can feel. These advantages of NMS can help the company or organization you manage to develop. The following are some of the advantages of NMS that you need to understand.

  1. More Focused Business

By relying on service providers to manage the network, companies can concentrate on business strategy, innovation, and product development rather than technical matters. This will of course provide benefits in the future for the company, such as the business becoming more advanced, the company’s products or services becoming better known, and so on.

  1. Cost Efficiency

These services often have predictable costs, such as monthly or annual fees. This predictable funding allows organizations to manage their budgets more efficiently without unexpected additional costs.

  1. Time Efficiency

By providing experienced service providers to manage the network, the organization or company you manage can reduce the internal workload. This allows internal teams to focus on core business activities rather than spending time on technical maintenance.

  1. Better Service Quality

In general, service providers have the latest resources and technology to better manage the network. These advantages can certainly result in better network performance, higher availability, and a better user experience.

  1. Maximum Security

NMS providers concentrate on strong network security. They discover and address cyber threats, ensure they comply with security best practices, and implement security updates.

  1. 24/7 monitoring

These NMS service providers typically provide network monitoring throughout the day. This reduces unplanned downtime because potential problems can be identified and addressed before they disrupt the operations of the business or organization you manage.

  1. Flexibility

You, as the manager of a company or organization, will benefit from this NMS. These services can be easily adapted to growth or changing business needs, providing the flexibility to implement new technology or change network capacity without spending a lot of money.

NMS Indonet Is Ready To Help Your Business

Indonet as a company operating in the technology sector is ready to help your business to progress and develop following technological developments. The years of experience and expertise that Indonet has means that you can entrust problems and various technical matters in your business to Indonet.

The Indonet service that you need to consider using is the NMS service. As previously explained, NMS services have various advantages that can benefit your business and make it easier for you to manage your business or organization.

NMS Indonet is a world-class solution designed to assist companies in optimizing network operations. Indonet is ready to help you advance your company with a skilled and experienced approach, regular maintenance, and strong security protection.

Indonet’s network managed services also offer active 24/7 monitoring. This will help you improve technology management in the company. Maybe this is just a brief explanation regarding the efficiency of network managed services, hopefully it can be useful for all of you.