AWS Direct Connect Capabilities in Handling Big Data in the Cloud

The more a company grows, the more data it collects. Over time, the data that becomes big data becomes increasingly difficult to handle. Therefore, the use of clouds such as AWS direct connect is very necessary.

However, what exactly is AWS direct connect? What can it do to handle mountains of company data? Check out the full review below.

The Importance of Handling Big Data in the Cloud

What is meant by big data? In short, big data is a collection of large amounts of data that companies collect and use every day. This form of big data is not always neat, much of it is unstructured. Therefore, companies need mathematical and computational algorithms to analyze big data and turn it into useful information.

The large amount of data means companies need a large data infrastructure. This includes servers, networking, and storage.

There are still many companies that do not meet the criteria for building their own data infrastructure. That’s why they choose to use cloud services. With cloud services, companies can store data safely, easily and flexibly.

Below are several reasons that can strengthen companies’ importance of using the cloud to handle big data:

1. Helping Companies to Grow

Every company certainly wants to develop further. In the process of development, of course the company will collect more and more data.

If you use your own data infrastructure, there are many things that need to be updated as the company’s data grows. These include hardware, physical space, and electrical power.

However, by using the cloud, companies don’t need to worry about this. Companies can directly access their data by utilizing the infrastructure and software provided by cloud companies.

No need to worry about capacity, because cloud companies also provide infrastructure for various data sizes.

2. Allows Companies to Save

For IT professionals, using the cloud is an easy decision. However, what about leaders in the executive ranks?

It will be difficult for leaders to understand the importance of the cloud if the explanation is too technical. However, if you explain how using the cloud can save money, they will be interested.

In essence, using the cloud will reduce the need for companies to create large and expensive data infrastructure. Companies do not need to invest large amounts.

In fact, if the cloud is implemented well, employee work can become more productive. This will ultimately increase company profits. Not only do you save money, companies can also make a profit.

3. Saving Data

In the event of a cyberattack or power loss, data stored in a company’s own infrastructure will be difficult to handle. It is possible if the company has carried out data center replication, but this will take a lot of time, money and energy.

However, if the company uses the cloud, data recovery will be easier and faster. This is because the cloud already has the ability to replicate data independently.

Advantages of AWS Direct Connect for Handling Big Data

One company that provides cloud services is AWS. AWS provides direct connect services that use the AWS global network without touching the public internet.

AWS direct connect capabilities is superior to using the public internet to access data. Why so? Check out the following advantages of AWS direct connect:

1. Guaranteed Security

Using AWS direct connect turns out to be safer. As the name suggests, AWS direct connect will open a special, private path. This will certainly minimize people who can access company data. As a result, personal consumer or company data can be protected and controlled safely.

2. Cost Effective

AWS direct connect enables companies to reduce network costs. Data migration can also be done cost-effectively.

3. Best Performance

Have you ever had difficulty accessing data? If you use AWS direct connect, these difficulties will not occur.

This is because direct connect from AWS utilizes connections with low latency and high bandwidth. The time needed to connect to data becomes faster.

Not only that, this service is also able to back up data quickly. So, there’s no need to be afraid of losing data.

4. Flexible and Scalable

AWS direct connect is flexible and scalable, meaning it can be adjusted to suit company needs. You can size the connection depending on the network requirements your company requires.

5. Compatibility

There are various AWS services. If you need to use these various services, there’s no need to worry. Because, AWS direct connect is compatible or compatible with all AWS services.

These advantages make AWS direct connect very suitable for use in businesses in various industries. Call it finance, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, e-commerce, research, even media and entertainment.

How AWS Direct Connect Works

AWS direct connect capabilities does have many benefits. However, how could this happen? How does direct connect from AWS work?

AWS direct connect is a dedicated connection that connects an on-premises network to one or more Virtual Private Clouds (PVC). The path used in AWS direct connect is quite short, so you don’t have to worry about congestion or unexpected increases in latency. This also means that it doesn’t take you long to access and retrieve data.

To connect with AWS, you can contact AWS direct connect partners such as Indonet. Later, the partner will connect you to AWS local zones, AWS regions, or AWS Govcloud.

Meanwhile, if you want to connect with your other branch or office, both branches must contact an AWS direct connect partner. Later, the partner will make a SiteLink connection at both locations.

Connections opened by AWS direct connect use VLAN 802.1Q. The VLAN is then configured using virtual interfaces (VIF) which are divided into three:

  • Public virtual interface: connects public AWS endpoints to your office or data center.
  • Transit virtual interface: connects AWS Transit Gateway with your office or data center privately.
  • Private virtual interface: connects Amazon VPC to your office or data center privately.

Want to Manage Big Data? Indonet is the answer

AWS direct connect is an innovation that gives your company the opportunity to handle big data in the cloud safely, easily, and cheaply. In the end, using AWS direct connect will make it easier for your company to carry out digital transformation.

Seamless digital transformation can then increase productivity and improve customer engagement which is important for companies to grow. No longer need to build expensive and complicated data infrastructure, AWS direct connect helps you focus on strategic matters.

If you want to manage data with AWS direct connect capabilities, Indonet is ready to help. Collaborating with Cloud Exchange Indonet, we can take your business towards a bright future.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us. Immediately visit the Indonet site and contact our professionals!