How to Prevent Company Data Leaks Effectively

In this modern era, digital technology is rapidly advancing. While it brings many benefits, it also poses risks and dangers such as data leaks. Therefore, this time we will discuss ways to prevent company data leaks that often result in losses.

Scattered data will compromise the privacy of the company, customers, and related parties, making them insecure. Therefore, every company should promptly seek effective solutions to data leaks.

How to Prevent Company Data Leaks

Currently, data leaks on the internet have become commonplace and unavoidable. The scattered data can vary greatly, including personal information, financial information, credit cards, and much more. Here are 9 ways to prevent data leaks in your company:

  • Understanding the Importance of Data Security: The first step a company should take is to understand and realize the importance of data security. This awareness should also be possessed by every member and employee of the company. Thus, the data security policies you create can be implemented throughout the company. Data security is diverse, one example being security in IP Transit services. This involves a series of security measures and mechanisms to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your company’s data.
  • Understanding Data Encryption: Another way to prevent company data leaks is to understand what data encryption is. It’s important to note that data encryption is closely related to data security in IP Transit services. The use of encryption is useful for protecting data during transmission. With encryption, you can prevent external or unauthorized parties from knowing the contents of the data. Additionally, encryption can prevent data manipulation during transmission through networks. Encrypted data can only be accessed with the appropriate predetermined password.
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN): A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is software that allows you to connect to the internet privately. You can implement this software to establish a secure channel over a public network. This allows you to access data through encrypted connections. VPNs are very useful when you need to send data over unprotected networks like the internet. This is because data packet transmissions are done privately.
  • Regularly Change Passwords: One effective solution to data leaks is to regularly set and change passwords. It’s important to note that leaked passwords can be very damaging. Make sure not to use default passwords from websites or applications. Secure and hard-to-detect passwords should consist of a combination of letters, numbers, and characters. Also, avoid using the same password for every application or website in your company, as this can be very dangerous.
  • Use SDN Security: Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a software-based network that can optimize network resources. With SDN, you can separate network control and data layers. Essentially, you can separate control and data transport layers when launching an application. SDN Security can prevent company data leaks through network segmentation. Network segmentation is useful for dividing and managing your company’s network traffic. Through segmentation, you can reduce the risk of data theft or virus attacks.
  • Conduct Audits or Monitoring: Another important way to prevent company data leaks is to actively conduct audits or monitoring. You need to know and have detailed records of your company’s network activities. Understand how data transfer processes are carried out and which networks are used. Through monitoring, you can identify problems or potential threats. Monitoring activities should be carried out by administrators or experienced experts in the field.
  • Manage Access Management: To prevent data leaks in your company, you need to manage access management and tighten data security. Make sure that all security systems are reinforced and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel. Authentication mechanisms are included in this. Additionally, access permissions should be carefully configured to prevent unauthorized access to data.
  • Always Provide Data Backup: A data backup system plays an important role in preventing company data leaks. This system is useful for organizing data backups, so that when unexpected events occur, the data can be restored to its original condition. For more secure prevention, you can use protection against DDoS attacks. When backing up data, you need ample space to ensure that data traffic can run smoothly and safely. Protection against DDoS attacks can help ensure that data traffic runs smoothly and that backup data remains secure.
  • Always Update Security: The last way to prevent company data leaks is to always update security. These updates should be done comprehensively, from hardware to software used to maintain data security. For example, for IP Transit services, always update patches with the latest security measures. These patch updates will help reduce the risk of company data leaks. As for hardware, you can perform updates periodically as needed.

Those are the 9 ways to prevent company data leaks that you must know to prevent unwanted major losses. By implementing the 9 methods above, you can better protect your company’s data security. Remember that your ability to maintain data security will affect the integrity of the company.

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