IP Transit and Business Transformation in the World of Entertainment

Digital transformation needs to be implemented in all lines of industry, including in the world of entertainment. IP transit is one of the many ways to carry out transformation in the entertainment world.

For those of you who want to make digital changes in the entertainment industry, read this review. Don’t miss it, because you will get insight into IP transit and its benefits in transforming business in the world of entertainment.

The Importance of Transforming Business in the World of Entertainment

Before discussing the use of IP transit to transform the world of entertainment, it’s a good idea for you to first understand why carrying out transformation in this industry is important.

There are at least 5 reasons why it is important to carry out business transformation in the entertainment world, namely:

1. Enlarging Consumer Base

Digitalization makes the user base bigger. Now, anyone from any country, as long as they are connected to the internet, can access entertainment content. They can access it from paid streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime or on unpaid platforms such as YouTube.

What is the importance of a large consumer base? The more people who see your content, the easier it is for your company to gain revenue and grow your business.

2. Improve User Experience

In the past, people didn’t have many choices to access entertainment content. Television and radio are the main sources. Even though there is internet, most content still needs to be downloaded first.

However, now, people can access entertainment content easily. Access to content is increasingly open. No need to download, consumers can immediately watch content streaming.

The quality of content is also increasing. Current films already have sharp images and sound. consumers can even watch 3D, 4D and 5D films.

All the latest features in the world of entertainment provide an easy experience for consumers. That is why digitalization can improve user experience.

3. Increase Profits

Subscription-based content is increasingly common. Now, it is not uncommon for consumers to have to take out their wallets to access entertainment content. Subscription and premium schemes such as those implemented by Netflix and Spotify will provide additional coffers for companies providing film and music streaming.

What about companies that produce films and music? Of course, sales can still increase. Digitalization can reduce the price of music production and distribution. Apart from that, film and music companies can also collaborate with streaming platforms and benefit from it.

Forms of Digital Transformation in the World of Entertainment

Interested in carrying out digital transformation in your company operating in the world of entertainment? The following are several forms of technology in the world of entertainment that you can apply.

1. Streaming Videos

Video streaming, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world of entertainment, makes people less dependent on shows provided by television stations.

There are many platforms that people can use to watch entertainment. Just mention YouTube, Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and the like. The advantage of these platforms is that they provide various types of entertainment programs, are easy to access and use, and can be adjusted to suit people’s interests.

Video streaming platforms can now adapt their content to consumer interests and activities. This is because these platforms use Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm technology.

AI is able to analyze previous public viewing data. From this data, AI can provide personalized content types, according to consumer behavior.

2. Music Streaming

Nowadays, people no longer need to download songs to listen to them. Easily, they can immediately tune in to their favorite songs on music streaming applications such as Spotify, Joox, or Apple Music.

The music streaming industry also uses the same AI algorithms as video streaming. Based on song data that consumers listen to, AI is able to issue song recommendations that match consumer interests. This is what makes music streaming increasingly popular with the public.

Now, music streaming is even more unique. There are applications that give consumers prizes if they listen to songs under certain conditions. Apart from that, there are also singers who release their songs in NFT form.

3. Augmented Reality (AR) Games

Augmented reality is able to provide an interactive experience with consumers by breaking down the walls between them and creators.

The most popular example of the use of augmented reality in the world of entertainment is the Pokemon Go game which was popular several years ago. Games like this have interesting storytelling and activities so they can increase consumer engagement.

Get to know IP Transit

What is transit IP? IP transit is a service connecting a company’s internal network to the global internet network and exchanging data from providers. This allows companies to carry out digital transformation both in business operations and in providing services to customers.

The first thing a company can do to get a global internet connection is choose a transit provider. Choose a provider that has connections to various networks around the world.

Then, the provider will connect the internet network by installing special hardware and configuring routing. This routing functions to conduct data traffic from the internal network to the provider’s transit network.

After all installation and configuration is complete, the organization’s internal network can be connected to the global internet network.

Benefits of Using IP Transit to Transform the World of Entertainment

IP transit services will be very useful in business transformation in the world of entertainment. The following are some of the benefits that the entertainment industry can receive if they use IP transit:

1. Connecting with the Global Internet

IP transit provides an opportunity for companies to connect with the wider global world. The profits are of course big in the entertainment world. Companies can get customers from all over the world. Films, music, games, content and other forms of entertainment products can now be accessed by many people, not limited to certain countries.

2. Provides Optimal Connection

The connection lines provided by IP transit can transmit data at high speed and low latency. Of course, the result is that companies can distribute content to the internet with a stable connection without interruption.

3. Get Cloud Access

There is a lot of data needed to distribute content. Especially in the film industry which has large file sizes. What if all these files are stored independently by the company? Of course, it will require large resources.

However, IP transit can facilitate your company connecting to cloud services that can store a variety of entertainment world data.

4. Saving Expense

By using IP transit, companies do not need to build their own network infrastructure which is expensive. So, the costs incurred will be much less.

5. Increase Customer Loyalty

Quality content is the key to success in the world of entertainment. One way to do this is by providing content quickly without being late, having good picture and sound quality, and being easy to access.

If you use IP transit, you can provide all of these things. Consumers also feel satisfied and can enjoy content happily.

Implementation the Transformation of the Entertainment World with Indonet IP Transit Services

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