Migrating TDM to Metro Ethernet: Modernizing Your Business Infrastructure

Modernization of business infrastructure is inevitable. To streamline operations and achieve more profits, modernization needs to be carried out. Today, many companies are choosing to use Metro Ethernet instead of TDM to grow their business.

If your company is still using TDM, immediately switch to Metro Ethernet. Read the article below carefully to find out why your company should migrate to Metro Ethernet.

What is TDM and its Disadvantages

TDM or Time Division Multiplexing is a technique where several data signals can be transmitted on the same communication channel but in different time allocations. Then, the signals will be transmitted one by one sequentially and reconstructed at the receiver. With TDM, various signals can share the same channel without overlapping each other.

One of the most popular examples of TDM is television. TDM regulates the broadcast time of a soap opera or film and the advertisements that follow.

TDM does not require as much bandwidth as Frequency Division Multiplexing. TDM itself is efficient enough to transmit data without distortion because the signal is sent in digital form. Apart from that, TDM is also scalable, meaning it can be updated in size as the data that must be transferred grows.

However, even so, TDM still has several shortcomings. One of them is the need for high synchronization between the sender and receiver of the signal. This is because the signal must be sent within a specific time. As a result, there may be delays due to the sender and receiver signals not being well coordinated.

Apart from that, TDM is also considered to be outdated. TDM has been used for a long time with copper wiring and physical switches, depending on the telephone network.

Now, there is no longer any innovation carried out by TDM. Using sustainable TDM will actually eliminate the company’s competitiveness. This is because TDM requires employees to be tied to their respective desks and chairs. In fact, nowadays there are many jobs that require moving places.

Not to mention, TDM also has expensive costs in terms of customization, installation, and integration with modern applications. For the latter, not many TDMs can even integrate with today’s applications.

Therefore, it is crucial for companies to migrate away from TDM. Now, there is the best solution to connect companies with clients and consumers, namely Metro Ethernet. Metro Ethernet will make it easier to modernize your business infrastructure, so you can grow your business faster.

What is Metro Ethernet?

What is Metro Ethernet? Metro Ethernet, which is short for Metropolitan-area Ethernet, is a network that meets connection needs in a wider geographic area. Typically, Metro Ethernet is used for local networks in metropolitan cities.

Metro Ethernet is not the same as regular Ethernet. Metro Ethernet supports faster connections and wider locations. Meanwhile, Ethernet can only cover an area that is not too large. The connection is not as fast as Metro Ethernet.

Apart from that, using Metro Ethernet also does not require expensive devices such as routers. This can also reduce company operational costs and help increase revenue.

Thanks to Metro Ethernet’s advantages in providing quality connections, this type of connection is now used by many companies in various industries to modernize business infrastructure. The existence of Metro Ethernet helps companies increase competitiveness, productivity and innovation.

What are the Benefits of Migrating to Metro Ethernet?

If you are still using TDM or traditional Ethernet, you should immediately turn to Metro Ethernet. You will get the following benefits if you migrate to Metro Ethernet:

1. Top Quality Connections

The connection provided by Metro Ethernet is fast and consistent. Without interference, Metro Ethernet is able to transmit company data quickly. Even for data with very large file sizes.

Metro Ethernet is now capable of providing 100 Gigabit connections or even higher. This means you no longer need to worry about the connection speed provided.

2. Connected Company Branches

Metro Ethernet can easily connect company branches in one city. Because the coverage is wider than regular Ethernet, there are more branch locations that can be covered.

By connecting company branches, you will be able to coordinate more easily. Smooth connections are of course very important for cooperation in achieving business goals.

3. The existence of Quality of Service

What is quality of service? In essence, quality of service is data control to measure and determine the capabilities of a network. This system can set network traffic priorities according to the level of need. More important applications or services can be given special network priority so that quality is met.

This system makes network control more planned. Each network has a different class, both in terms of bandwidth, jitter and latency. Thus, the quality of the network provided is fairer according to its respective designation.

4. Support for Modernization and Innovation

Your company will continue to follow existing technological developments. This is of course important so that your company does not lose its competitiveness with other companies.

Metro Ethernet strongly supports modernization and innovation. New services such as 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), real-time analytics, or video streaming can be done smoothly. This is because Metro Ethernet is capable of transmitting high quality data.

5. Upgradeable

Your company will continue to grow and increase its network capacity. For example, the more a company grows, the more CRM, marketing and employee data that needs to be transferred to the cloud. If you use old network capacity, of course data transfer will take a long time.

This upgrade can be done easily by Metro Ethernet without changing much hardware. You just need to contact your Metro Ethernet service provider to increase the bandwidth. They will do it for you easily.

Use Metro Ethernet Services from Indonet to Modernize Your Business Infrastructure

In order to provide the best service to clients and consumers, you have to do your best. One way is to provide a seamless connection that allows you to always be connected with consumers. You can get this seamless connection by using Metro Ethernet.

If your company is still using TDM, now is the right time to modernize your business infrastructure. Old school types of connections no longer have a place in today’s business world. Therefore, immediately migrate from TDM to Metro Ethernet.

How about Metro Ethernet installation in your company? It’s easy, you just need to contact Indonet. Indonet is a provider of high-quality networking services.

Indonet continues to be committed to providing connections that are fast, secure, flexible, upgradeable and support your business growth. So, don’t wait any longer to migrate TDM to Metro Ethernet. Contact Indonet immediately!