The First Edge Data Center “EDGE1” in Downtown Jakarta

PT Ekagrata Data Gemilang (“EDGE DC”), a subsidiary of PT Indointernet Tbk (“Indonet”) has officially launched its first Data Center, EDGE1. EDGE1 is strategically located in downtown Jakarta, close to major internet hubs to enable low latency connectivity and faster data transfer. The facility is a purposely-built data center with 6.0 MW of IT Load and 5 floors of data hall which can accommodate up to 1,300 racks. To ensure redundancy and greater reliability, EDGE1 is supported with dual power configuration (“2N”) that are concurrently active. EDGE DC fully owns the site and is the sole operator for EDGE1.

“EDGE1 is our stepping stone in pioneering the edge data center in Indonesia with the aim to create a highly connected ecosystem close to the end-users and support the next generation of digital businesses in Indonesia. We are committed to building world-class data center facilities in downtown Jakarta with future plans to build over 40 MW of IT load capacity to ensure scalability for our customers,” Stephanus Oscar, CEO of EDGE DC.

According to Philbert Shih from Structure Research, Jakarta’s colocation market is expected to reach USD647 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 21.2% between 2021 and 2026. The combination of Indonesia’s rapidly growing digital economy, accelerating enterprise cloud adoption, and the proliferation of start-up companies, is driving this demand for colocation and new data centers.

Indonet’s CEO, Karla Winata said, “With more and more businesses shifting towards greater technology and digital adoption, providing critical IT infrastructure is a natural progression for us and is complementary to our existing business. EDGE DC provides a unique value proposition that combines scalable world-class infrastructure with a strategic location close to the major network hub of Indonesia. With the added benefit of Indonet’s range of network solutions, customers at EDGE DC will also be able to experience high speed interconnectivity required for businesses to scale quickly.”

In order to serve their customers with the highest quality of service and reliability, EDGE DC has also partnered up with PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (“DCI”). Under the partnership, the company adopts DCI’s platform in terms of infrastructure design, operational standard, service excellence as well as industry-leading SLA of 99.999% or equal to less than 5 minutes of tolerable downtime annually.


DCI Indonesia’s CEO, Toto Sugiri stated, “We are excited to have EDGE DC under the DCI platform as we continue to support the business growth of our customers. As EDGE1 and DCI are strategically located in different locations serviced by different power sources, this represents an ideal opportunity to serve as a primary and disaster recovery center (“DRC”) for customers or even as separate availability zones (“AZs”) for cloud providers”.

EDGE DC’s current and future facilities will be cloud and carrier-neutral, providing greater flexibility for customer’s network and connectivity requirements. EDGE DC also has the added advantage of Indonet’s network solution including HyperScaleconneX (“HSX”), a software-defined network that enables various connectivity solutions such as Data Center to Data Center (“DC to DC”), Data Center to multi-cloud and Data Center to Internet Exchange.

Over 55% out of the total IT Load of 6 MW at EDGE1 has been contracted, driven by strong customer’s confidence and demand. To ensure scalability for their customers, EDGE DC has plans to build up over 40 MW of IT Load capacity in downtown Jakarta which will be located close to EDGE1 in the near future. Based on Indonet’s disclosure in April 2021, EDGE DC has acquired a second site with a land size of 6,000m2 in the Jakarta area.

“We are grateful to have DCI Indonesia as our platform partner which enables us to grow quickly with the peace of mind that we can provide the same level of service to our customers. Our parent company, Indonet provides us with critical network and connectivity infrastructure which enable us to create a highly connected ecosystem at EDGE DC. Lastly, we warmly welcome Digital Edge as our new majority shareholder and believe that their experience and expertise in the regional data center market will ensure strong growth in our sector,” said Stephanus Oscar.

“We are committed to serve our customers and support the growth of digital business in Indonesia through Indonet’s range of business solutions and especially EDGE data center. Leveraging their strong ecosystem, EDGE DC is well-positioned to become the service provider of choice for global players, particularly hyperscalers to expand their regional and global footprints into Indonesia,” said Samuel Lee, CEO of Digital Edge.

— EDGE DC – Pioneering edge data center in Indonesia with low latency connectivityand scalable world-class facility.