Why Cloud Exchange Services are the Right Choice for Your Business

Why Cloud Exchange Services are the Right Choice for Your Business

It cannot be denied that currently Internet services have become a basic necessity in every line of life, from daily communication, disseminating information, to carrying out business activities.

The internet has also changed various aspects that were previously conventional to become more sophisticated and practical, such as in terms of data storage with the presence of cloud exchange services.

How Cloud Exchange Works

For those of you who are not familiar with this technology, cloud exchange is a development of computer storage which basically uses CPU, RAM, storage and operating systems.

Before Internet services developed rapidly, generally the data you had was only stored on your computer and if you wanted to move or send data you had to use additional devices such as a flash disk and when you needed data you had to ask a colleague to send it first.

This is quite troublesome when large amounts of data are stored and will be transferred, especially with the risk of losing the storage device which can occur at any time.

Reflecting on all these obstacles, supported by the development of internet services, cloud exchange services are present as a flexible storage option and have a much larger storage capacity. Not only that, this service also allows you to access data and run stored applications from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

Benefits of Cloud Exchange for Business Development

Previously, many companies spent quite a lot of money on company IT needs in terms of data storage. The costs incurred also do not include maintenance costs and skilled resources to be able to operate and maintain optimal performance.

With this cloud exchange, you can reduce your company’s data processing budget by hiring services from providers who have experience in this field. That way you don’t need to worry about maintenance and HR issues so you can focus on developing the business you have.

This is also in line with the main objective of the birth of the cloud exchange service, namely as a One Solution or one solution in a connectivity ecosystem that enables dynamic interconnection to be realized including hybrid cloud, cloud to cloud, to multi cloud.

Here are other benefits you get if you use this cloud exchange service, such as:

  • Has a Large Storage Capacity

If the business you are running has been running for a long time, of course you have quite a lot of data from the time this business has been running.

Cloud exchange can become a data center as a storage container for your company data such as system data, applications, backup data, company databases and other important data. With a large storage capacity, cloud exchange is able to accommodate your data processing needs.

  • High flexibility

As previously explained, the use of cloud exchange is very flexible. Whenever and wherever you or your staff who have access can easily open stored data when needed.

Apart from that, you can also add or reduce capacity according to your business developments and needs. Apart from that, this technology can also be combined with other technologies to support your needs.

  • Centralized and integrated

As a data center, cloud exchange can store all documents and complete company data and everything can be accommodated here. All data is stored on a server and connected to all employee computers.

  • High scalability

Basically, one company and another company have different cloud exchange needs. Interestingly, cloud exchange has high scalability, and allows the storage capacity to be reduced or increased according to needs.

One of these reasons is that cloud exchange is widely used as an option for business needs. With these benefits, business expenses will decrease more significantly.

  • Guaranteed security

Security is one of the considerations that is often used as a reason why business people prefer cloud exchange compared to regular storage. The reason is, on cloud exchange, data confidentiality can be strictly and safely protected from malware attacks.

With an integrated system, cloud exchange security will be designed in a sophisticated way. You can already imagine how much trouble it would be for a company if it lost customers just because a data security system was not properly guaranteed.

  • Has a large capacity

Generally, these cloud exchange vendors have large storage services. In fact, the storage offered is in terabytes. You can use this large capacity in the long term.

What about the amount of data stored in it? Even though there is a large amount of data in it, all the data is easy to find by using the search feature it has.

  • Much more cost effective

Maybe, when you have to rent a cloud exchange, you will assume that the company will have to incur high costs. In fact, currently companies that offer cloud exchange have very affordable service and annual fees.

In fact, it is much more economical compared to individual subscriptions. Of course, this benefit can make managing company funds much more efficient.

  • Collaboration is much more effective

By using an internet base, data in the cloud can be accessed by a number of people simultaneously. Your employees can collaborate with work partners, even colleagues using cloud exchange services.

  • It’s easier to recover data

Generally, this service has recovery and backup features. So, the data on the computer will be directly stored in the cloud safely. This is because of the backup feature it has.

What about the recovery feature? The recovery feature in it is used to recover lost data or data that was deleted accidentally. You don’t need to worry if your computer is damaged or dies, thanks to this feature.

With so many advantages that cloud exchange has, it is not surprising that cloud exchange is one of the right recommendations for business. Apart from the advantages above, there are still many advantages that you will get when using cloud exchange.

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