10 Benefits of Using Global Cloud for Your Business

In this digital era, there are many businesses that rely on technology to manage their operations. One technology that is quite popular and often used in business is global cloud. Moreover, there are many advantages to using the global cloud for your business.

One of the benefits you can get is the acceleration of digital business activities. By using cloud resources, your business can more quickly implement new services and applications.

Not only that, your business will also find it easier to scale infrastructure to meet continuously changing demands. Apart from that, of course there are various other benefits, what are they? Check out the discussion below!

If you’re a part of the business world, of course you are quite familiar with what is called the global cloud. Moreover, the benefits of using the global cloud for business is not limited.


Here are 10 benefits you can get if you use the global cloud:

Increase Business Interaction and Collaboration
Cooperation and collaboration among the employees is crucial for the success of an organization. Global cloud-based solutions can help improve business interactions and collaboration between you, your employees and customers. Cloud-based productivity tools have simplified work.

This global cloud allows employees to work together even though they live in different countries. From co-authoring documents and holding face-to-face meetings to sharing files and messages in real-time, the global cloud can drastically improve workplace productivity.

Cloud-based CRM solutions have simplified client management, enabling a faster way to reach customers and resolve their queries. While collaboration is still possible without a global cloud, it will not be easy or effective.


One of the main benefits of the global cloud is its inherent scalability. For example, the ability to easily (and quickly) scale up an IT solution is something that can have an immediate and far-reaching impact on a business.

Upgrading an environment on a simple on-demand basis was impossible in the past – organizations were limited by the size and processing power of their hardware configuration.

With the global cloud, you don’t need to worry about this limitation. Global Cloud has truly revolutionized the way businesses manage the technical resources of your business


Another advantage of using the global cloud is related to innovation. Without innovation, business will not develop and employee performance problems will also increase. Global cloud can help overcome performance problems, especially in the world of web applications.

Using the cloud as a foundational infrastructure for innovation can also result in improved performance, reduced costs, and increased agility. For example, in the world of particular product development, companies are driving innovation at a pace that is only possible through leveraging the global cloud.

The global cloud has enabled the industry to innovate, create and launch new products that are changing the world, and this is true across the entire technology ecosystem.


Sustained Business Growth
Global cloud can trace its origins back to the 60s, but it wasn’t until ten years ago when it really started to see widespread adoption among business organizations.

Over the last decade, global cloud has grown into a giant industry and this will continue to grow (especially with the IoT industry poised to experience huge growth in the next few years).

With a global cloud, your business will continue to experience rapid growth and evolution. This growth in computing capabilities and end-user functionality will directly impact businesses across nearly all industries and verticals for decades to come.


Data Security
One of the main concerns of every business, regardless of size and industry, is the security of their data. Data breaches and other cybercrimes can threaten a company’s revenue, customer loyalty and brand standing.

Global cloud offers many advanced security features that ensure data is stored and managed safely. Features such as granular permissions and access management through federated roles can limit access to sensitive data to only employees who need access to that data, and thereby reduce the attack surface for malicious actors.

Global cloud providers implement basic protections for their platforms and the data they process, such as authentication, access control, and encryption. From there, most companies complement this protection with their own additional security measures to strengthen cloud data protection and tighten access to sensitive information in the global cloud.


Backup and Disaster Recovery
Every business, from SMEs to enterprises, needs to prepare for disasters. A solid disaster recovery strategy is essential in the digital era. Global cloud provides an offsite backup solution that is easily accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Using a cloud data center for data backup gives you a seamless infrastructure. It’s the perfect place to protect your data in a private or hybrid cloud deployment.


Reducing Infrastructure Investment
The role of IT has been viewed as a “cost center,” for quite some time as new servers, routers, data centers, switches, and other capital expenses eat up large portions of the budget. Global cloud for business allows you to greatly reduce initial costs. That way, it will be easier for you to meet your current and future business needs.


The efficiencies that the cloud creates for businesses are exciting and rewarding. These efficiencies range from optimizing work and processes to IT maintenance and monitoring. Global cloud will also eliminate monotonous tasks that take up a lot of time.

With global cloud employees you no longer need to scroll through spreadsheets and wait for your next face-to-face meeting. Therefore, the use of the global cloud will make work more efficient.


Automatic Updates
Maintaining a server takes a lot of work. With off-premises infrastructure, global cloud for business offers hassle-free management of the technology that supports your business.

Global cloud releases software and security updates regularly. Therefore, you can focus more on strategic initiatives to develop your business.


Increase Business Value
Another advantage of using the global cloud is that it can help increase business value. Most users will see cost efficiencies, faster launch speeds, and improved service levels.

Global cloud helps you rethink and recreate the right business models and build resilience. Global cloud can help you implement new business models and deliver digital customer experiences.

It also supports analytics that are not possible with traditional computing platforms. With a global cloud, you have more time to innovate and less involvement in day-to-day IT challenges.

Global cloud offers a new way to deliver IT services, making applications and infrastructure dynamically available. This can also improve information management, service-oriented architecture, and service management initiatives.

With one click, services can be expanded or contracted. In terms of cost, it is also more affordable. Lower costs due to the use of global cloud help you increase profitability and ultimately increase the value of your business.

The advantages of using the global cloud for business above are certainly very attractive. So, if you also want to get all these benefits, make sure to use Indonet services. We are a trusted global cloud solution service provider and have been operating since 1994. Consult your business needs and realize digital acceleration for a more brilliant business with Indonet!