Alibaba Cloud: The World’s Leading Cloud Computing Platform

As time goes by, technology is increasingly developing, one of which is in the field of internet services. For large companies, the use of cloud computing platforms is not something new. Cloud computing is an information system that makes it easier to access resource components such as applications, servers and databases via the internet.

This time we will discuss the most leading cloud computing service platform in the world, Alibaba Cloud. This cloud computing company owned by Alibaba Group is growing and now has its first data center in Indonesia. Let’s find out how this cloud computing platform works, including the products and the advantages.

How Does Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Platform Work?

First, you need to know that Alibaba Cloud is a company that operates in the cloud computing sector. So, cloud computing is designed for the needs of various online businesses and to launch the electronic commerce ecosystem. In 2019 Alibaba Cloud finally launched its first data center in Indonesia.

This cloud computing platform from Alibaba plays a very big role in the development of the financial industry. Alibaba provides products that are useful for compiling roadmap analytical data so that financial businesses can develop better and of course safely.

Meanwhile, the way it works is to develop a cloud platform that allows large online transaction requests to occur at the same time. In this way, various kinds of online transactions can run more quickly.

Apart from that, keep in mind that Alibaba’s cloud computing system can be used for various kinds of businesses. Both MSME businesses and multinational level companies, everyone can use this cloud computing service from Alibaba Group.

Alibaba Cloud Computing’s Products

Alibaba Group provides various types of products for various different types of businesses as well. This aims to make it easier for companies to choose products that suit their needs. So, here are various cloud computing products that you can find on Alibaba Cloud.

  • Elastic Computer Services (ECS)

The first product is a virtual server that can be used to meet various cloud hosting needs. With this product you can get fast memory and the latest CPU which is useful for supporting your cloud applications (auto scaling).

  • Object Storage Services (OSS)

Next, there is object storage service product or OSS. This product is useful for storing and protecting a number of data related to usage, backup and recovery, content distribution, and more.

  • Mobile Application Studio (EMAS)

Alibaba Cloud leverages Enterprise Mobile Application Studio (EMAS) to help you build super apps with platform capabilities (and based on them) so your partners can develop mini apps for your ecosystem.

  • Apsaradb

Apsaradb is Alibaba’s cloud-native database service for PolarDB and AnalyticDB in Indonesia. ApsaraDB for PolarDB itself is a cloud-native relational database with high elasticity and reliability.

  • PolarDB for MySQL

Another product also provided by Alibaba Cloud is PolarDB for MySQL. Compared to open source MySQL databases, PolarDB for MySQL has much higher performance. The storage capacity of this product even reaches 50 GB.

  • CDNs

Alibaba Cloud CDN is a global point of presence (POP) distributed throughout the world. A CDN can deliver content to your customers. Alibaba Cloud CDN functions to reduce traffic back to the origin with a simple and efficient method. This in turn prevents network congestion and ensures that content is delivered with minimal latency across regions in a variety of use cases.

  • mPaas

If you own a company and want to build a stable and high-quality mobile application, mPaas products could be the solution. This product provides a security solution that is not only stable and convenient but also effective for mobile applications. Apart from that, this product is also useful for preventing reverse engineering.

  • ZOLOZ Real ID

The ZOLOZ Real ID product from Alibaba Cloud is useful for making it easier for you in the customer account verification process. This can happen because of the world’s leading anti-spoofing algorithm for authentication purposes.

  • Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

This Kubernetes-based service product is useful for ensuring company efficiency in running containerized applications in the cloud. ACK will help you to deploy containerized applications with scalable high performance.

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF combines an intelligent protection engine, expert protection rules, proactive defense and detection engine, and cloud threat intelligence capabilities to identify Web attacks and malicious Web requests in real-time. WAF also provides real-time defense based on predefined protection policies to ensure the security and availability of websites and applications. In addition to Web servers hosted on Alibaba Cloud, WAF can also protect websites hosted on your infrastructure.

  • RDS

RDS provides a complete suite of database configuration solutions such as disaster recovery, backup, recovery, monitoring and migration that can provide high availability and performance and is a fully managed service. It’s easy to scale and operate, and you can run as many or as few systems as you need.

  • Anti D-DDos

The Anti-DDoS service is based on Alibaba Cloud’s global scrubbing center, combined with the intelligent DDoS detection and protection system developed in-house, automatically mitigates attacks and strengthens the security of your applications, reducing the threat of malicious attacks.

  • ChatApp

ChatApp Message Service is a messaging engine built by Alibaba Cloud for global companies. Integrated with WhatsApp, ChatApp can send messages efficiently using a WhatsApp account to more than one billion WhatsApp users worldwide. ChatApp supports various message types, which improves interactions between companies and customers to help companies create greater business value.

  • Direct mail

Direct Mail is a simple and efficient service for sending email notifications and batch emails quickly and efficiently without needing to build your own email server. Direct Mail is the main product to serve Alibaba’s e-commerce platform that guarantees stable and high conversion rates across various email channels. Emails can be sent with the product console, API interface, and SMTP interface.

Apart from the types of products above, Alibaba Cloud still provides various other products and. Of the many products, your company can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Advantages of Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Platform

As we know, currently there are lots of cloud services available on the internet besides Alibaba Cloud. Some of them are clouds owned by Google, AWS, and so on.

However, currently the cloud computing platform from Alibaba Group is one that is quite widely used. This is of course not without reason, here are 4 advantages of cloud computing from Alibaba Cloud that you must know before using the product.

Can be used for various kinds of businesses

As previously explained, cloud computing services from Alibaba can be used for various kinds of businesses. Starting from newly developing MSME businesses to multinational companies, everyone can find cloud products according to their needs here.

Provides More Diverse Cloud Storage Options

Furthermore, the advantage of Cloud Computing from Alibaba is that it has more diverse storage options. This type of storage consists of objects, folders or files along with archiving, backup, hybrid, to data transfer and disaster recovery.

Meanwhile, most other cloud providers do not provide various types of storage like Alibaba. This large number of storage options will help you as a businessman to prevent debate about the type of storage needed in the application.

Provides Higher Number of VM Processors

Another advantage of Alibaba Cloud which is also quite impressive is that it provides a higher number of VM processors. This will certainly benefit the business because the server workload will be much lighter. Apart from that, a higher additional processor will also improve application performance.

Attractive Price Offers

Compared to other cloud service providers, Alibaba Cloud offers more attractive prices. Here you will get a purchase term of 1-3 years. Apart from that, the purchasing conditions provided by Alibaba are also relatively easy. So you can get the product very easily.

Some of the things above are the advantages of cloud computing products from Alibaba Cloud. This might be a consideration for those of you who want to buy cloud computing service products to develop your business. So that you can get global cloud technology with high performance, you can trust it to Indonet.

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