Benefits and Potential of Software Defined Network for Efficient Internet Networks

Software defined network is a form of technology development that is useful for optimizing internet networks. But did you know, it turns out the benefits and potential of a software defined network are much greater than that. There are many benefits that you can get by using this technology.

In fact, currently there are many large companies that initially used traditional networks, but eventually switched to SDN. The main goal, of course, is to improve network performance for their business applications.

Therefore, this time we will share information about the benefits and potential of SDN for efficient networks that you may need right now. Let’s watch the discussion until it’s finished!

What is a Software Defined Network?

Software defined network is a technology designed to control and manage computer networks. This management is done by separating control from hardware and managing it centrally with software. This will make it easier for administrators to control the network as a whole.

Please note that SDN really supports innovation and faster network development. By separating control from hardware, you can create new applications and services with more optimal network usage.

When network use is more optimal, it will also be easier for you to solve problems that arise on the network efficiently. Apart from that, you can also improve the performance of applications and services in your business.

Benefits and Potential of Software Defined Network for Internet Networks

As stated previously, apart from being useful for optimizing the SDN internet network, it also has many other benefits and potential. It is not surprising that currently many companies are switching from traditional networks to SDN. One of the benefits that can be obtained is to reduce the risk of human error.

This happens because management and control occurs centrally, where instructions come from one place. Apart from that, SDN is also useful for increasing the speed, scalability and efficiency of the internet network. The following are various benefits and potentials of software defined network that are important for you to know.

  • Using the Latest and Integrated Technology

You need to know that software defined networks use the latest and integrated technology. The use of this latest technology can be seen in cloud computing, virtualization, container-based applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and many more. With these various technologies, SDN is able to optimize network performance.

An optimal and efficient internet network will of course also increase speed and scalability. So you can develop network applications that are more adaptive and innovative according to business needs. What’s more interesting, SDN can be used for small-scale companies such as MSMEs to multinational companies.

  • Provides Greater Bandwidth

The next potential that SDN also offers is providing greater bandwidth. Please note that there are several applications that require large bandwidth, for example Voice over IP or VoiP. Apart from that, applications that use video such as Zoom and Teams also require no less bandwidth.

In SDN, the bandwidth of each data connection can be combined for more optimal network utilization. So that later the application will not slow down, instead it will have a higher speed.

  • More Secure Security

Did you know that security on the internet network also affects the smoothness of traffic. As we know, digital transformation is like a double-edged sword, apart from making things easier, it can also be dangerous. In order to maintain consumer comfort, using SDN can be said to be mandatory.

With a software defined network, you can increase consumer comfort because their information is better protected. This is because SDN is able to prevent information leaking due to attacks on the network.

Apart from that, a centralized monitoring system also makes it easier for administrators to monitor the network. So that when a problem or attack occurs on the network, this can be resolved quickly and more easily.

  • Provides a Faster Connection to the Cloud

Until now, there are still many people who think that the function of the cloud is only related to storage. In fact, the use of the cloud can affect whether internet network traffic runs smoothly or not. Keep in mind that not all enterprise business applications will be installed on an office network.

In modern times like now, many companies are using Software as a Service or Saas applications with cloud infrastructure. So, with the SDN network you can directly access the internet without having to use a connection to the head office.

Of course, this will greatly affect the company’s performance and productivity, related to data access. Even though it can be accessed from anywhere, you don’t need to worry, because this access will remain safe. SDN is equipped with security features such as VPN, IPSec, Next Generation Firewall, and network micro-segmentation.

  • Accelerating Innovation and Development

For those of you who want to accelerate innovation and development, especially on internet networks, you must use defined network software. This is not without reason, but because SDN provides a flexible platform for innovation and development.

With network control isolated from the hardware, you can more easily develop, create, and test applications. During this process, you also don’t need to worry that the operation of the available network will be disrupted.

  • Improve Network Scalability

Another potential of software defined networks that is no less interesting is being able to increase network scalability. What is meant by scalability here is the ability of a network or software to manage increasing demand.

So with SDN you are able to handle the additional load on the internet network. Even though the data volume or number of users will increase, there will be no significant decrease in performance. So you don’t need to worry that network traffic will slow down, causing customer service satisfaction to decrease.

With its various potentials and advantages, it is not surprising that more and more users are switching to SDN. Apart from the six things above, there are still many more benefits that companies can get by utilizing this technology. One of them is minimizing expenses for maintenance costs.

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