Benefits of Using SDN for Optimal and Fast Internet Networks

In modern times like today, one of the best ways to develop a business is to use digital-based business applications. For this reason, for business owners, getting smooth, fast and stable network performance is very crucial. However, there is no need to worry because you can achieve this by using SDN for your internet network.

Software Defined Network is one form of revolution in the networking industry. This will change the way you as a businessman manage and optimize infrastructure. This time we will discuss the benefits of SDN for optimizing network traffic, in order to increase the speed and reliability of internet services.

Why SDN?

Software Defined Network is a new architecture that is useful for controlling networks. The way SDN works is by separating the control plane and data plane on the network. The control plane is useful for making decisions about how packets flow through the network. Meanwhile, the data plane is useful for moving packets.

The SDN architecture itself consists of 3 layers, namely the application layer, control layer and infrastructure layer. These three layers are the main components of SDN which will control all communications provided by a number of network resources. This SDN concept will operate using the OpenFlow protocol.

OpenFlow itself is an SDN component whose function is as a communication protocol between the control plane and the data plane. This component is useful for telling the network about which device the packet is sent to. Simply put, OpenFlow is what separates and differentiates between the data path and the control path.

You also need to know that SDN consists of several types of technology such as automation through programs, functional separation, and network virtualization. This will later be useful for simplifying the process of managing and setting up internet networks. So that internet network traffic will be more optimal, fast and reliable.

Benefits of SDN for Fast and Reliable Internet Networks

Now you certainly understand a simple overview of how software defined networks work and how SDN can optimize network traffic. Here are 6 benefits of SDN for internet networks that you must know.

  • Automatic Programming

Internet network traffic will be more optimal because the software defined network has automatic program capabilities or Programmability and Automation. This will change the behavior of the network. The changes will also occur automatically without the need to control them one by one.

Some examples of changes that occur automatically are policy changes, troubleshooting or problem solving, and so on. These various automatic changes will make the task of the network administrator or network engineer easier. Apart from that, the process will also occur more quickly and efficiently.

  • Network Monitor Visibility

The next reason why SDN can make the internet network more optimal is because of its visibility capabilities in monitoring the network. This monitoring activity covers resources, connectivity, and much more. This will also make it easier for you to predict problems that might occur on the network.

Visibility or open standards in software defined networks will simplify network design and operations. Here instructions will be provided by the SDN controller automatically, so that the data analysis and monitoring process will be better.

If a problem occurs on the network, the administrator can make the appropriate changes to fix it. Apart from that, this change can also be done in a short time and is quite easy.

  • Able to Maximize the Use of Network Devices

The most important benefit of SDN for networks and in accordance with this discussion is being able to maximize the use of network devices. For example, SDN is able to optimize load balancing performance, bandwidth, traffic engineering, and so on. All of these tools relate to programming and scalability.

Please note that SDN traffic management occurs dynamically with sophisticated scheduling and real-time monitoring. This is because SDN includes controlling, implementing and monitoring the internet network. This way, you can ensure that the network functions optimally and smoothly.

  • Centralized Management

You need to know that software defined networks use a centralized control panel system to manage and regulate the network. This control panel is responsible for sending instructions to devices such as switches and routers. These instructions are given with the aim of manipulating the data flow.

Simply put, the network is centralized in a software-based SDN control panel that maintains global network settings. This will also be very profitable for you as a businessman, because it can reduce expenses.

  • Better Network Security

Did you know, it turns out that good security also affects the smoothness of internet network traffic. By using SDN, it will be easier for you to implement and manage network security policies consistently.

This can happen because management occurs centrally and provides good visibility of network traffic. This good visibility will make it easier for you to detect and provide a quick response if a security threat occurs.

Apart from that, the use of SDN also increases the possibility of better segmentation. As a result, you can reduce the risk of attacks or threats to the internet network. Network traffic that is safe and not subject to attacks can certainly be used optimally and has high speed.

  • Flexible and Adaptable

The final reason why SDN is very useful for optimizing networks is because it is flexible and adaptable. SDN can configure the network according to the required changes. This causes traffic management to become more dynamic, so that the responsiveness and quality of network services will increase.

As previously stated, SDN administration is carried out centrally. Apart from that, the software control can also be adjusted or flexible in real-time.

The use of SDN will be very beneficial for businesses to face the demands of a dynamic digital environment. So that businesses can experience rapid development through the use of digital technology.

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