The Importance of Using SDN for Cloud Computing

sdn for cloud computing

Talking about technological developments will certainly never end. One clear example of this development is the use of SDN to deliver cloud-based services and content to customers. But do you know, what are the benefits and importance of using SDN for cloud computing?

To understand how SDN can deliver cloud-based services and content to customers, you must first know the function of the cloud itself. Apart from that, understanding cloud computing software and SDN concepts is also very important.

So, here is a brief explanation of what cloud computing is and the important role of using SDN in cloud computing.

Get to know Cloud Computing and its Main Functions

For those of you who want to develop your business on a large scale in the digital world, understanding cloud computing is very important. Simply put, cloud computing will help you access large amounts of data. This will affect the smoothness of network traffic.

So what is the main function of cloud computing software? This software functions to deliver various computing services such as software, databases, data storage, networks, servers, and analytics via the internet. Well, what is meant by the internet here is the cloud itself.

Cloud computing is different from conventional servers which were previously widely used. Cloud computing services will not make you spend large amounts of money to buy routers and servers. Apart from that, you also don’t need to hire engineers or administrators to maintain storage and infrastructure.

As for how it works, each type of cloud computing has several factors in common. First, every external data center must be accessed using the internet. Next, the server resources in the data center are collected to create a large platform, so that it will be ready to accommodate virtual services.

By using cloud computing there are many benefits you can get. As previously explained, with this technology you can cut company expenses. Apart from that, you can also save and access files and documents from anywhere such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

6 Reasons Why It’s Important to Use SDN for Cloud Computing

By now it is certainly clear that the main function of cloud computing is related to file storage and access. So that the use of cloud computing can be more optimal, the use of SDN is very important. This is because software defined networks can provide flexibility and ease of network configuration.

By using SDN, you no longer need to depend on hardware such as switches, routers or other devices for cloud computing. The more effective and efficient the management of cloud computing, of course the content service to customers will also be better. So, here are 6 reasons why it is important to use SDN for cloud computing.

  • Makes Automation Easy and Cloud Ready

By using software defined network, you can more easily automate and be cloud ready. Automation here is related to time efficiency, costs, and accuracy. Until now, SDN is known to provide enormous benefits to data centers supporting cloud applications.

This has the impact that applications running on each data center server will run in accordance with their access or control policies. Through SDN you no longer need to use data center hosting applications in a cloud-based environment. This way your business can move much faster.

  • Optimizing Cloud Computing Functions

Apart from being useful for facilitating the automation process, it turns out that SDN can also help you maximize cloud computing functions. Keep in mind that SDN and cloud are 2 different technologies. There are companies that only use SDN without the cloud, and vice versa.

However, if you use both together, it will be seen that these 2 technologies will synergize with each other and become a powerful combination. By using SDN, cloud services such as Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service will be more optimal.

  • Improve Data Security

Did you know that using SDN and the cloud simultaneously can increase data security. Since the beginning, cloud computing itself has been known to have relatively guaranteed data security. This is because security is anticipated using cloud hosting.

However, by using software defined networks, security can be better maintained because network management is carried out centrally. This technology feature protects users, including customers, so security will be much better than a cloud without SDN.

  • Flexible and Easy Collaboration

Next, the reason why using SDN in cloud computing is very important is because of its flexible nature. By using SDN in cloud computing, you can collaborate more easily. This is certainly very profitable for large-scale companies.

What is meant by collaboration here is where every team member can see various information through all cloud-based platforms. Then with SDN you can also be flexible in determining the type you want to use. Examples are private, public, or hybrid SDN.

  • Ease of Network Control

Furthermore, using SDN will help you control the network. SDN will also help reduce downtime on the network.

The centralized system will make it easier for you to analyze problems that may occur on the network. You need to know that from this central control it will be decided how traffic in the network will flow.

  • Hardware Virtualization

Do note that the use of SDN in the cloud will enable the virtualization of hardware equipment. So that hardware management can be done more easily and of course at a more affordable cost.

The six things above are the reasons why the existence of SDN to deliver cloud-based services and customer content is very important. Not only to optimize cloud functions, but also to improve data security, facilitate network control, and much more.

Using software defined networks and cloud computing together may still sound quite unusual. But as explained above, using these 2 technologies simultaneously will be very profitable. So, don’t hesitate any longer and immediately use both to grow your business rapidly.

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