Get to know what Network Managed Service is

Network managed service is a network management service that is generally provided by experienced and expert IT outsourcing companies to manage and monitor complex computer networks complete with services, including IT security.

Generally, those who use this service are companies that have many employees and branches that are connected to each other in a complex way in terms of network topology. Therefore, this service is often an option for efficiency and smooth digital activities in companies.

With that being said, the company can save more on official travel costs for internal auditors and supervisors in carrying out their duties.

For this reason, smooth IT operations are a very important factor in companies that have a scale of up to thousands of employees with many branches spread across various regions.

More than that, this service also has various advantages, including:

  • Guaranteed Data Security

If you use a network managed service, data security will be guaranteed. Furthermore, this service can also help improve the security of confidential company data. This is because in the process this service will be managed by professional staff.

Apart from that, the firewall system that has been installed on the system is also able to detect malware. That way, the data security system in your company will not be easily hacked by irresponsible parties.

You don’t need to worry too much about security or data loss. Therefore, it is natural that many companies have started using this service to ensure the security of their important data.

  • Affordable Maintenance Costs

Apart from advantages in terms of data security, you will also get advantages in terms of costs. So by using this service you can save more. This is because the maintenance costs that you will incur later can be said to be quite affordable.

Starting from routine maintenance costs, human resources, software network infrastructure to hardware maintenance costs, it is not too expensive.

More than that, if you use this service you can also minimize expenses for repairing IT problems that could occur suddenly. That way you will automatically be able to save company expenses.

  • Increase Business Focus

By using this service, your company’s business focus can increase. One of the reasons is because there is a resource that helps support business growth so that it becomes more advanced.

Your company can focus more on realizing its goals without needing to hire new staff. You no longer need to be confused about how to manage the performance of the servers in the company.

  • Improving Employee Performance

If your company has a large number of employees, even thousands, and their IT activities often experience problems, say 1 hour a day. This means that the company has wasted 1000 hours per day.

Therefore, in order to reduce waste, you need to use a network managed service. With this service, employee performance can be improved with optimal network support so that company losses due to network problems can be avoided.

  • Reducing the Need for Physical Asset Inspection

Another advantage that this service can certainly provide is that it can help reduce the need for physical inspection of assets. This service allows company or government auditors to more easily view physical assets just through the monitor.

All assets will be recorded and linked electronically. The effect is that you can reduce the need for physical examinations. In this way, costs incurred for auditor travel can also be reduced and diverted to other needs.

The different benefits listed above might all undoubtedly bring about advantages of their own. It is understandable why demand for this service has grown so quickly.


Network Managed Service Type

Having quite broad coverage, here are several types of services from network managed services.

  • Software (software). This type of Network Managed Service functions to manage software, evaluate and replace software, procure new applications and improve the performance of existing applications.
  • Network & Security. The next type is used to manage company networks end to end, starting from the data center, WAN and LAN, including data security.
  • Hardware (Hardware). This type of NMS provides infrastructure support which includes determining IT equipment, maintaining IT infrastructure and making strategic plans.
  • Consultation. This last type functions to provide good reports, opinions and suggestions to help improve the smooth operation of your business.

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