Indonet Extends Customers Networks to AWS with AWS Direct Connect

We’re thrilled to announce that Indonet is now an official Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect partner, a service from AWS that allows customers to connect directly to AWS in Indonesia.


AWS Direct Connect is a way to establish a dedicated connection into the AWS cloud. Using Direct Connect rather than accessing AWS over the public internet allows you to reduce your bandwidth costs, delivers more consistent network performance and delivers private connectivity into an Amazon VPC permitting a degree of network separation between your public and private cloud resources.


Interconnection is designed for enterprises to build, test, deploy, and migrate workloads to AWS with increased reliability, higher speed, and lower latencies. By working together, Indonet and AWS create a cost-effective solution for data migration, business continuity, high performance compute applications, and workload portability into the cloud.


Enterprises can improve the performance of their workloads and optimise the way they drive business to their customers, and provision services up to 500 Mbps instantly and deprovision when it is no longer needed, making it an ideal fit for transferring large volumes of data or time-based workloads.


As a technology partner of AWS, who has achieved AWS Service Delivery designation for Direct Connect, we provide a unique customer experience through our HyperScale conneX (HSX) platform by Indonet which is on-demand and a real-time tool that enables you to have better control. The on-demand connectivity model removes the complexity from connecting to Amazon Web Services with one simple service.


See more about AWS Direct Connect here


If you need more information about how Indonet deliver high performance connectivity and local support, feel free to get in touch with us.