EDGE DC to Expand Capacity with a 23 MW Data Center in Jakarta

Energy efficient data center in downtown Jakarta to capitalize on the region’s rapid digital growth.

Jakarta, 8 September 2022 – EDGE DC (PT. Ekagrata Data Gemilang), a subsidiary of leading network service provider PT Indointernet Tbk (“Indonet”) announced the development of a 23 MW data center, known as EDGE2, located in downtown Jakarta.

EDGE2 marks the expansion of EDGE DC, building on the success of their first facility, EDGE1 and further capitalizing on the country’s rapid digital transformation in the wake of the global pandemic.

Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia and the 4th biggest in the world by population size. Indonesia’s data center market continues to be fuelled by high demand from global hyperscale cloud providers, spurred on by rapid internet adoption and high uptake of digital services during COVID-19.

According to Structure Research, Jakarta’s colocation market is expected to grow to USD 938 million by 2027, with hyperscale making up 72% of this at a five year CAGR of 34% (DCI Report Series, Market: Jakarta, May 2022).

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Indonesia has 450,000 medium-to-large enterprises, while the Financial Service Authority (BPS) noted that the country has 107 commercial banks, 10 digital banks in operation, and 1,280 non-bank financial institutions, most of which have their head offices and key customers in proximity of Jakarta’s CBD.

EDGE2 will therefore provide much-needed Data center capacity to downtown Jakarta, which is critical to support the growing requirement of Indonesia’s hyperscalers and financial sectors.

The new facility will offer up to 3,430 cabinets and an IT load of 23MW and is designed to cater for growing demand of high power density applications from cloud-driven hyperscale deployments, local and international network, and financial service providers.

When completed in Q4 2023, the project is expected to be the largest data center in downtown Jakarta, providing much needed IT load capacity to this fast-growing metro of 10 million people.

Located less than 3km from the company’s existing EDGE1 facility, EDGE2 will become a part of the virtual campus with EDGE1 and customers will be able to take advantage of the network density and Internet Exchanges already present in EDGE1 from the outset.

The project is also in proximity to Indonesia’ major technology and financial hubs supported by multiple fiber paths from different service providers running into the site, enabling customers to benefit from low latency connectivity.

In line with Digital Edge’s Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy the data center incorporates green design principles to reduce its carbon footprint.

The facility has a market leading design annualized PUE of 1.27 and will leverage Nortek’s innovative StatePoint® liquid cooling technology, making it the most energy efficient data center in the Jakarta metro.

It will also utilize renewable energy solutions similar to the Renewable Energy Certificate which the EDGE1 facility recently received.

Samuel Lee, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Edge, said, “The growth opportunities in Southeast Asia are vast and our presence in Indonesia plays an important role in our mission to bridge the digital divide in these high growth markets.

Our cutting-edge and environmentally conscious data center design, construction and operations expertise combined with Indonet’s network services and access to dark fiber make a winning offer to local and international customers looking for support to grow their digital presence in Indonesia”.

Toto Sugiri, Founder and Chairman of Indonet, commented, “In line with the growth of the digital economy and data usage in Indonesia, there will be greater requirements for low latency applications which require IT workloads situated closer to the end users.

EDGE2 provides the capacity and connectivity required to optimize high volumes of data with minimal delay owing to their downtown location and Indonet’s highly connected network infrastructure”.

Stephanus Oscar, CEO of EDGE DC added, “The combination of Indonet’s range of network solutions and Digital Edge’s state-of-the-art facilities, enables us to offer a one-stop solution for data center services with global standards of excellence.

This sustainable facility will complement our EDGE1 data center as we continue to support businesses to scale their digital operations in Jakarta.”

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